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The Fitness- and Healthshop: Not only a slogan, it’s an attitude towards life!

In every Training situation you have other wishes and needs, which we all deliver to you with our great variety of Nutrition and Supplements in our Online-Store: You will find things for Cooking and Baking, Gaining Muscle Mass and Weight, reduce Body Fat, Diet, Health, Meal replacement or Snacks and Bars. The ambitioned Athlete or health-conscious human will find everything he need.

But we do not only deliver you the suitable assortment but also stand by your side with our great amount of local Stores with personal advice and service. From Product recommendation to the point of possibilities for Product combination you get the whole Sportnutrition package for your personal way of success.

TOP 10
  • Pure Vertigo 480g

    3XL Nutrition

    Pure Vertigo 480g

    SRP: 40,95 EUR
    Price: 36,86 EUR
  • CR-MAX 500g

    FMS Nutrition

    CR-MAX 500g

    SRP: 35,95 EUR
    Price: 32,36 EUR
  • Green Coffee 60caps


    Green Coffee 60caps

    SRP: 17,95 EUR
    Price: 16,16 EUR
  • Ripped Cut 120caps

    3XL Nutrition

    Ripped Cut 120caps

    SRP: 32,95 EUR
    Price: 29,66 EUR
  • Pure Isolat 2000g

    3XL Nutrition

    Pure Isolat 2000g

    SRP: 65,95 EUR
    Price: 59,36 EUR
  • Water Bottle 2,2L

    Dual Shaker

    Water Bottle 2,2L

    SRP: 10,95 EUR
    Price: 9,86 EUR
  • CR-MAX 120caps

    FMS Nutrition

    CR-MAX 120caps

    SRP: 31,95 EUR
    Price: 28,76 EUR
  • Zink Citrate 240caps

    FMS Nutrition

    Zink Citrate 240caps

    SRP: 25,95 EUR
    Price: 23,36 EUR
  • Minotaurus Gainer 3000g

    Minotaurus Nutrition

    Minotaurus Gainer 3000g

    SRP: 42,95 EUR
    Price: 34,36 EUR
  • BCAA Nano 420g


    BCAA Nano 420g

    SRP: 33,22 EUR
    Price: 29,90 EUR